The Messiah Is Here

Perhaps the Jewish Messiah is already here, though we are not aware of his coming? All Jewish dreams and desires were fulfilled this mid-May. Well, almost all. Two great world power leaders competed in their benevolence to Jews, while ordinary Israelis had fun and exhilarating soft target practice shooting unarmed Gazans or at least cheering the sharpshooters. Iranians gnashed their teeth but did nothing. The US Congress deemed that the Poles should pay the Jews $300 billion in tribute. And an exceedingly obnoxious Jewish wench got the crown of the European art scene, accidentally ensuring that the new capital of Israel, Jerusalem, will be the location of a prominent international gathering next year.

If you think that some of this benevolence should drip to you and that your lot should be somewhat better, think again. Nobody promised you a rose garden. The Jewish Messiah is good for the Jews, while non-Jews should just work harder and prepare for divine vengeance. There are arguments about whether all the goyim will be hit by vengeance, or whether some should survive to buy retail. However, benevolence towards non-Jews is not a striking feature of this arrangement.

I was quite apprehensive in the beginning of May. The schedule appeared scary. The Iranians had established themselves in Syria, the Russians were prepared to equip Syria with their best S-300 system (it is more reliable than the new and fancy S-400). The Palestinians planned to demonstrate on the 70th anniversary of their Nakba loosely coinciding with the US Embassy move to Jerusalem and with beginning of Ramadan. A war with Iran and Hezbollah, riots in the Palestinian territories, loss of the God-given right to fly and bomb as we wish all over the Middle East – dangers galore were stored for the first half of May. With all my critical attitude, the utter destruction of the beloved land is not my wet dream.

Prudent people would tread cautiously, preferring to minimize their risks in such a situation, but Jews are all for maximising them. If we must have trouble, let us have all the trouble now to have it done with, said Netanyahu. And all troubles – the Iran nuclear deal collapse, the Nakba anniversary, the shift of the US embassy to Jerusalem, the confrontation in Syria, the beginning of Ramadan – were unloaded at once. Israel passed it with flying colours. There was no big war.


True, some 60 Palestinian demonstrators were shot dead, the same number as were martyred in the Sharpeville Massacre, but what a difference! South Africa turned into a pariah state overnight, and the global campaign to dismantle apartheid began in earnest. The Gaza Massacre has been whitewashed by the obedient mainstream media, reported the RT. This event proved once again that mass media and social networks all over the world are in the Jewish grip, firm and invisible. Governments, parties, diplomats can and did protest, but the general public was insulated from the event.

The global system of mass information has changed a lot since 1960. There is an incredible abundance of information, a veritable flood that washes off everything. People think only what they are told today, and mass campaigns are produced by media and think tanks, they do not produce themselves. People are being told every day about, say, the Holocaust, or about Assad’s atrocities, or Putin’s meddling so it is kept in their minds. The moment the campaign is turned off, interest flags and the matter is totally forgotten, like the Skripal Affair was forgotten after it had been played to full capacity. Now Skripal has been disappeared by the British Secret Services, but this is not mentioned, outside of this publication.

And the mass murder in Gaza is already on its way to oblivion. They wanted to remind the world that they are buried alive in the grave of Gaza, and now they are dead. The people of Gaza have been locked up there for 70 years; the last 12 years were the worst, as the Gaza Strip has been under siege by Israel since they voted for Hamas. Gaza is almost unliveable, as Israel has bombed its power station, its sewage plants, its harbour and airfield. They can’t even fish, as Israeli boats machinegun the fishing boats. They can see their homes and fields taken from them just because they aren’t Jews, and they can’t reach them. This expulsion, dispossession, imprisonment of three generations, and siege are a unique Jewish sin.

Perhaps, the Holocaust was a divine punishment for Jewish treatment of Gaza, since for God, time sequence is of no importance. In the Torah, there are no earlier or later events, בתורה מאוחר ואין מוקדם אין, teaches the Talmud, and it is true. One can be punished for the sins not yet committed, and if they will not be committed, the punishment will be undone, too. If the Jews wouldn’t torture Gaza, there would be no Auschwitz.

Gaza is a noble place despite its depredation. In many countries, children of rulers are turning into billionaires. The daughter of the Angolan president is the richest woman in Africa: she is the only mobile telephony provider in diamond-rich Angola. But there is another tradition, of the children of the rulers being first to war. That is the tradition of Gaza. Among those shot by Israeli sharpshooters, there were thee children of Gaza’s leaders.

The son of the ex-Prime Minister of Gaza, Ismail Haniye, Maaz, has been among the heavily wounded. Ahmed al-Rantisi, the son of Abd el Aziz al-Rantisi, the founder of Hamas, has been killed. His father, called the Lion of Palestine, was been assassinated by the Jews in 2004, when an Israeli helicopter gunship launched a missile at his car in the centre of Gaza, killing him, his bodyguards and wounding passers-by. And now his son has followed him. Izz al-Din al-Sammak, son of Musa al-Sammak, a Hamas leader, was killed, and he was only 14 years old.

Altogether over a hundred boys and young men, the flower of Palestine, have been reaped in these unarmed demonstrations of April-May. A purpose of this killing spree was to show that non-violent resistance is futile. It is more fun to kill an armed opponent, if you are much better armed. When you kill an unarmed one, it is obviously not cricket. But such consideration has never stopped a Jew.

The reason is the serious doubt in the humanity of non-Jews that is planted in the centre of the Jewish religious Weltanschauung. A good Israeli who condemns Gaza killings most probably is a vegetarian, who objects to the killing of animals, too. Such good Israelis are often anti-male, and prefer to use a feminine form of nouns, like Zochrot. Such good Israelis usually are anti-native, and support unlimited immigration of Africans to Palestine. Such people can’t be numerous, and they aren’t.

As for other Jews, they learned from the Matrix protagonist, Neo (Keanu Reeves), who had been taught to (dis)regard obvious dangers as maya, as a mirage created by the Matrix, and he jumped from skyscrapers and dodged bullets. Jews apparently have a similar attitude to reality. One day it won’t work, to their surprise, but this time it worked.

The transfer of the US Embassy had been described as the main reason for the bloodshed. However, this is a line of @neverTrump brotherhood. This spiteful decision had done a lot of good, as it ruined the carefully nurtured fiction of the US as an honest broker. Very few Palestinians cared about this Trump decision, a few dozens demonstrated against it in Jerusalem and other places, while the mammoth demonstration in Gaza was unrelated to Trump, as described above. It is not Trump who declared siege on Gaza, it is not Trump who expelled Palestinians from their homes, it is not Trump who perpetuated the Nakba, the Palestinian catastrophe. Trump undermined the Machiavellian tactics of the State Department and made it hard for the Arab stooges to follow Washington, and this is not bad.


Iran is a big, far away country, and there is no practical reason for Israel to quarrel with them. But Iran is the last and only country in the Middle East that is not subject to Jewish hegemony. Netanyahu did its best to set the US upon Iran by doing a Colin Powell act. Jews prevailed upon Trump to take his country out of the nuclear deal of six powers, and after that, in the moment of highest tension, Israel bombed so-called Iranian bases in Syria. Nothing happened. Iranians, upset and annoyed, still submit to the laws of the Matrix, and they aren’t going to jump from skyscrapers or counterattack Israel and experience Trump’s fury. For this president is a tame elephant for the Jews.

The best gift God Almighty gave the Jews this season is the Matzo balls of president Trump. The Chosen people have got him by the balls in more ways than one. He had been caught with a loose woman, just like President Clinton, and he was justifiably afraid of impeachment. In this moment of sorrow he decided to surrender to Jewish mercies, and to do all they asked.

He tore up the Iran nuclear deal, just as Bibi Netanyahu asked. He promised to heap sanctions on Iran until they surrender and change their regime for an Israel-friendly one. And then he delivered on his promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem. A fat lot of good that did him.

I do not envy Trump. The Jewish mode of support for a leader is a form of waterboarding: the leader is allowed to survive, but only just. The Jewish logic works like that: if we shall save him, he will forget about us and disregard our wishes. So he should be saved but left imperilled. This is what happened to the US President. Jews, and even Israelis were strategically located between the Stormy wench and Trump’s Cohen; they have the heights of the Attorney General’s office and strong positions in the Congress. Like in waterboarding, Trump remains of the verge of drowning, and he has to do the wishes of his persecutors.

Israel will continue to goad Iran, hoping to cause an American-Iranian war. This is a given. If Trump is clever, he won’t strike Iran. Instead, he should strike the Mueller-Gestapo. While Rouhani is the President of Iran, probably Iran will not respond to the Israeli/US provocations, but Rouhani’s position is precarious. Iranians feel that Kim the King of the North managed the American threat better, and they may change their ruler and take a Kim line as a guidance. Israel as a forward base of the US Empire can come under threat.

The best thing about Trump’s Iran policy is that it broke the seemingly unbreakable link between the US and Europe. Where Obama would try to patch differences, Trump enlarged the gap, and even docile Europeans came to the conclusion that they have to be more independent from Washington. This can bring a disconnect between the US banks and European banks, and allow the Europeans to disobey the US sanctions against Iran and Russia. This process is not close to its completion, but it has started. Iran, Russia and European businesses will be the beneficiaries, while the US will find itself out of this game.


The strongest voice against Israeli brutality was that of President Erdogan of Turkey. He sent Israeli ambassador home, called back his own ambassador, and organised a meeting of Muslim states’ leaders to deal with Israel. Independence of Israel had been Erdogan’s hallmark for a long time: he argued with Shimon Peres at Davos years ago, and the recent attempted coup against him also had some Israeli support.

If you are against Israel, you have to be against the US, the bigger Jewish state. This suits Erdogan. Because of this animosity, no American plane took off from the Turkish NATO base to bomb Syria. The Turkish fight against Kurdish separatists undermined the US will to stay in Syria by all means, and now there are strong indications that Trump intends to dry up financing of the rebels’ enclave in NW Syria, unhappy Idlib. Israel is likely to find itself facing a united and rebuilt Syria, a prospect it hardly cherishes.


The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, could throw a wrench into the Israeli plans. He is heavily invested in Syria; he needs Iranian troops there, for without them, he’d have to send Russian infantry to dislodge Islamist rebels from the ruins of Syrian cities. He had been humiliated by the US as they had stricken Syrian bases and cities while the Russians sat on their hands. His Chief of Staff said that Syria would get the S-300, and then woe betide the Israeli and American transgressors.

Israelis took this threat in their stride. The Israeli Minister of Defence Avigdor Lieberman said that Israelis would take out the S-300 (“even S-700”, he added) if it would be on our way. And Netanyahu made a strong political gesture – he flew to Moscow and he spent the whole of May 9th with the Russian president.

May 9 is the Russian V-day; it became the biggest and most important Russian holiday under Putin, as the old Soviet feasts had been cancelled while the new ones were in the process of gestation. This was the day when Russians would love to receive prominent guests of honour, but they weren’t coming. This was the Lonely Putin Day. Very few leaders responded to his invitation to come and to review the military parade on the Red Square.

The choice of the holiday was not a natural one: the war is a distant event for vast majority of Russians. Their allies in the war are their present adversaries, the US and England. World War Two has been privatised by the Jews, at least in Western public opinion. For the Westerners, this was the war for the Jews and against the enemy of Jews. There are few references to the war where the Holocaust hasn’t been mentioned. Being aware of these narrative deficiencies, the Soviet leaders didn’t make much out of V-day.

Putin for his nation-building needed a holiday to unite people, to co-opt the pro-Soviet majority without antagonising the anti-Soviet groups. He took V-day and made it into a big event, discounting its faults.

The arrival of Benjamin Netanyahu on that day was a heaven-sent gift for Putin. Here was the man who could call upon the US Senate, who can deal with the US President, and now he came in person, Mr World Jewry personified, supporting the Russian narrative of history. Bibi pinned up the black-and-orange St George ribbon, the mark of a Russian patriot and Putin’s loyalist, he took a poster with a portrait and a name of a (Jewish) war hero and marched next to Putin in the Immortal Regimentparade. Grateful Putin acknowledged the Holocaust and declared friendship with Jewish people.

Netanyahu repaid his host by a missile strike upon Syria, almost right away. This is a standard Israeli procedure: upon any high-level meeting with the Russians, bomb their allies, so they would know who is more important. They bombed Syria while Russian Defence Minister Shoygu’s jet was still in flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv.

Putin swallowed it, and promised to refrain from supplying S-300 to Syria, despite his Chief of Staff’s words. Soon, Israel attacked Syria in force; according to Israel, they attacked Iranian bases; according to Iranians, there are no such things; there are no Iranian bases and no Iranian troops. However, this Israeli attack remained without response.

Since that fateful May 9th day, Russian media has been treating Israel very cautiously. Even the Gaza massacre didn’t bring many condemnations in the Russian media, though the Russian Foreign Office condemned this brutal act. The official state agency RIA reported that Israeli soldiers shot at “especially aggressive individuals”. The second state news agency TASS minimized its reporting about the massacre.

The Russians in power are not keen on Iran and Iranians, an Iranian friend told me. Though Iran would like to buy everything the Russians are willing to sell, the Russians drag their feet. The volume of trade between Russia and Iran is the same as between Russian and tiny Israel, less than $2 billion per annum. Israel has a lot of supporters in the Russian elites, Russians visit Israel by their thousands, while Iran is an unwanted partner.

In short, the Jews overcame their problems by mid-May 2018, and emerged as a leading polity on the planet Earth, in perfect rapport with both superpowers and in control over mind of billions. The massacre of Gaza furnished the proof they can kill with impunity. Yet, until now, the Jews always exceeded a good measure and brought calamity upon themselves. There is no reason to doubt it will happen this time, too. More about it, about the Jewish assault on Poland and on European aesthetics in the next piece.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

Mesia este aici



Poate că Mesia evreiesc este deja aici, deși nu suntem conștienți de venirea lui? Toate visele și dorințele evreiești au fost îndeplinite la mijlocul lunii mai. Aproape toate. Doi mari lideri ai puterii mondiale au concurat în bunăvoința lor față de evrei, în timp ce israelienii obișnuiți au avut o practică delicată și distractivă de a împușca gazani neînarmați sau, cel puțin, să-i îndemne pe ascuțitori. Irananii i-au scârțâit dinții, dar nu au făcut nimic. Congresul Statelor Unite a considerat că polonezii ar trebui să plătească evreilor 300 de miliarde de dolari în tribut. Iar un minunat evreu evreu a primit coroana scenei artistice europene, asigurându-se că noua capitală a Israelului, Ierusalim, va fi locul unei întâlniri internaționale proeminente anul viitor.

Dacă credeți că o parte din această bunăvoință ar trebui să vă picure și că lotul dvs. ar trebui să fie ceva mai bun, gândiți-vă din nou. Nimeni nu ți-a promis o grădină de trandafiri. Mesia evreiască este bună pentru evrei, în timp ce non-evreii ar trebui să lucreze mai mult și să se pregătească pentru răzbunarea divină. Există argumente cu privire la faptul dacă toate goiimul va fi lovit de răzbunare sau dacă unii ar trebui să supraviețuiască pentru a cumpăra cu amănuntul. Cu toate acestea, bunăvoința față de non-evrei nu este o trăsătură izbitoare a acestui aranjament.

Am fost destul de îngrijorat la începutul lunii mai. Programul a apărut înfricoșător. Iranii s-au stabilit în Siria, rușii au fost pregătiți să echipeze Siria cu cel mai bun sistem S-300 (este mult mai fiabil decât S-400). Palestinienii au planificat să demonstreze cu ocazia aniversării a 70 de ani de la Nakba lor coincid cu misiunea ambasadei SUA în Ierusalim și începutul ramadanului. Un război cu Iranul și Hezbollah, revoltele în teritoriile palestiniene, pierderea dreptului dat de Dumnezeu de a zbura și de a bomba, după cum ne-am dorit peste tot în Orientul Mijlociu, au fost stocate pentru prima jumătate a lunii mai. Cu toată atitudinea mea critică, distrugerea totală a pământului iubit nu este visul meu umed.

Oamenii prudenți s-ar mișca cu prudență, preferând să-și minimalizeze riscurile într-o astfel de situație, dar evreii sunt toți pentru maximizarea lor. Dacă trebuie să ne confruntăm cu probleme, să avem toate necazurile acum să facem acest lucru, a spus Netanyahu. Și toate problemele – prăbușirea înțelegerii nucleare a Iranului, aniversarea lui Nakba, trecerea ambasadei SUA în Ierusalim, confruntarea din Siria, începutul Ramadanului – au fost descărcate imediat. Israel a trecut-o cu culori zburatoare. Nu a existat un mare război.


Adevărat, un număr de 60 de demonstranți palestinieni au fost împușcați, același număr care a fost martirizat în masacrul de la Sharpeville, dar ce diferență! Africa de Sud sa transformat într-un stat paria peste noapte, iar campania globală de dezmembrare a apartheidului a început cu seriozitate. Masacrul de la Gaza a fost vopsit de către mass-media obișnuită, a raportat RT. Acest eveniment a demonstrat încă o dată că mass-media și rețelele sociale din întreaga lume sunt în aderența evreiască, ferme și invizibile. Guverne, partide, diplomați pot și au protestat, însă publicul larg a fost izolat de eveniment.

Sistemul global al informațiilor în masă sa schimbat foarte mult din 1960. Există o abundență incredibilă de informații, un adevărat inundații care spală totul. Oamenii gândesc doar la ceea ce li se spune astăzi, iar campaniile de masă sunt produse de mass-media și grupurile de reflecție, nu se produc singure. Oamenii se vor spune zilnic despre, să zicem, Holocaustul, despre atrocitățile lui Assad sau despre amestecul lui Putin, așa că este păstrat în mintea lor. În momentul în care campania este oprită, steagurile de interes și chestiunea sunt complet uitate, ca și cum afacerea Skripal a fost uitată după ce a fost jucată la capacitate maximă. Acum, Skripal a dispărut de British Secret Services, dar acest lucru nu este menționat, în afara acestei publicații.

Și uciderea în masă din Gaza se află deja pe drum spre uitare. Ei au vrut să reamintească lumii că sunt îngropați în viață în mormântul Gaza, iar acum sunt morți. Poporul din Gaza a fost închis acolo timp de 70 de ani; ultimii 12 ani au fost cei mai răi, deoarece Fâșia Gaza a fost asediată de Israel de când au votat pentru Hamas. Gaza este aproape imposibil de trăit, deoarece Israelul a bombardat stația electrică, stațiile sale de canalizare, portul și aerodromul. Nici măcar nu pot să pescuiască, în timp ce navele israeliene fac mașini de pescuit. Ei își pot vedea casele și câmpurile luate de la ei doar pentru că nu sunt evrei și nu pot ajunge la ei. Această expulzare, disproporția, închisoarea a trei generații și asediul sunt un păcat evreiesc unic.

Poate că Holocaustul a fost o pedeapsă divină pentru tratamentul evreiesc din Gaza, deoarece pentru Dumnezeu, secvența de timp nu are importanță. În Tora, nu există evenimente mai devreme sau mai târziu, בתורה מאוחר ואין מוקדם אין, învață Talmudul și este adevărat. Unul poate fi pedepsit pentru păcatele care nu au fost încă săvârșite, iar dacă nu vor fi comise, pedeapsa va fi desființată și ea. Dacă evreii nuar tortura Gaza, nu ar exista nici un Auschwitz.

Gaza este un loc nobil, în ciuda faptului că a fost înrădăcinată. În multe țări, copiii conducătorilor se transformă în miliardari. Fiica a președintelui angolez este cea mai bogată femeie din Africa: este singura furnizor de telefonie mobilă în Angola bogată în diamante. Dar există o altă tradiție, dintre copiii conducătorilor fiind mai întâi de război. Aceasta este tradiția din Gaza. Printre cei împușcați de ascuțitori israelieni, au fost copii ai conducătorilor din Gaza. Fiul fostului prim-ministru al Gaze, Ismail Haniye, Maaz, a fost printre cei răniți. Ahmed al-Rantisi, fiul lui Abd el Aziz al-Rantisi, fondatorul Hamasului, a fost ucis. Tatăl său, numit Leul din Palestina, a fost asasinat de evrei în 2004, când o gunship de elicopter israelian a lansat o rachetă în mașina sa din centrul Gizei, ucigându-l, cu gărzi de corp și cu trecătorii răniți. Și acum fiul său la urmat. Izz al-Din al-Sammak, fiul lui Musa al-Sammak, liderul Hamasului, a fost ucis și avea doar 14 ani. În total, peste o sută de băieți și tineri, floarea Palestinei, au fost culeși în aceste neînarmate demonstrații din aprilie-mai. Scopul acestui sindrom de ucidere a fost acela de a arăta că rezistența non-violentă este inutilă. Este mai distractiv să omori un adversar armat, dacă ești mult mai bine înarmat. Când ucizi una neînarmată, evident nu este cricket. Dar o astfel de considerație nu a oprit niciodată un evreu. Motivul este o îndoială serioasă în omenirea non-evreilor care este plantată în centrul religiei evreiești Weltanschauung. Un bun israelian care condamnă uciderea din Gaza este cel mai probabil un vegetarian, care se opune și uciderii animalelor. Acești israelieni buni sunt adesea anti-bărbați și preferă să folosească o formă feminină de substantive, ca Zochrot. Acești israelieni buni sunt, de obicei, anti-nativi și sprijină imigrația nelimitată a africanilor în Palestina. Astfel de oameni nu pot fi numeroși și nu sunt. În ceea ce-i privește pe alți evrei, ei au învățat de la protagonistul Matricei, Neo (Keanu Reeves), care a fost învățat (să) considere pericolele evidente ca Maya, ca un miraj creat de Matrix, și el a sărit de la zgârie-nori și a evitat gloanțele. Evreii au aparent o atitudine similară cu realitatea. Într-o zi nu va funcționa, spre surprinderea lor, dar de data aceasta a funcționat. Transferul Ambasadei SUA a fost descris ca principalul motiv pentru vărsarea de sânge. Cu toate acestea, aceasta este o linie de fraternitate @neverTrump. Această decizie furioasă a făcut multă bine, deoarece a stricat ficțiunea îngrijită a SUA ca broker onest. Foarte puțini palestinieni au îngrijit de această decizie a Trumpului, câțiva zeci au demonstrat împotriva sa în Ierusalim și în alte locuri, în timp ce demonstrația mamutului din Gaza nu avea legătură cu Trump, așa cum am descris mai sus. Nu este vorba de Trump care a declarat asediul în Gaza, nu Trump care a expulzat palestinienii din casele lor, nu a fost Trump care a perpetuat Nakba, catastrofa palestiniană. Trumpul a subminat tacticile machiavelliene ale Departamentului de Stat și a făcut greu pentru cârnații arabi să urmeze Washingtonul, iar acest lucru nu este rău.


Iranul este o țară mare și îndepărtată și nu există niciun motiv practic pentru ca Israelul să se certe cu ei. Dar Iranul este ultima și singura țară din Orientul Mijlociu care nu este supusă hegemoniei evreiești. Netanyahu a făcut tot ce-i stă în putință pentru a pune SUA pe Iran, făcând un act Colin Powell. Evreii au predominat pe Trump pentru a-și scoate țara din înțelegerea nucleară a șase puteri și după aceea, în momentul celei mai mari tensiuni, Israelul a bombardat așa-zisele baze iraniene în Siria. Nu s-a intamplat nimic. Iranienii, supărați și supărați, se supun legilor Matricei și nu vor sări de la zgârie-nori sau contra Israel și vor experimenta furia lui Trump. Pentru că acest președinte este un elefant timid pentru evrei. Cel mai bun dar pe care-l acordă lui Dumnezeu Atotputernic lui Iudeii în acest sezon este bilele Matzo ale președintelui Trump. Oamenii aleși l-au prins de bile în mai multe moduri decât unul. Fusese prins cu o femeie liberă, la fel ca președintele Clinton, și se temeau, în mod justificat, de impeachment. În acest moment de tristețe, el a decis să se predea milosteniilor evreiești și să facă tot ce le-a cerut. A rupt înțelegerea nucleară a Iranului, așa cum a cerut Bibi Netanyahu. El a promis că va impune sancțiuni asupra Iranului până când se vor preda și – și schimba regimul pentru un stat prietenos cu Israelul. Apoi și-a dat promisiunea de a muta ambasada SUA în Ierusalim. O mulțime de bunuri care l-au făcut. Nu invidiez Trump. Modul evreiesc de sprijin pentru un lider este o formă de waterboarding: liderul este permis să supraviețuiască, dar doar. Logica evreiască funcționează astfel: dacă îl vom salva, el va uita de noi și va ignora dorințele noastre. Așa că ar trebui să fie mântuit, dar lăsat în pericol.Asta sa întâmplat cu președintele american. Evreii și chiar și israelienii au fost localizați strategic între Wench-ul Stormy și Cohen’s Trump; au înălțimea biroului procurorului general și pozițiile puternice ale Congresului. La fel ca și în trupele de apă, Trump rămâne la marginea înecului și trebuie să facă vreo dorință a persecutorilor săi. Israelul va continua să ducă Iranul în speranța de a provoca un război american-iranian. Aceasta este o dată. Dacă Trump este inteligent, el nu va da naștere k Iran. În schimb, ar trebui să-l lovească pe Mueller-Gestapo. În timp ce Rouhani este președintele Iranului, probabil Iranul nu va răspunde provocărilor israeliene / americane, însă poziția lui Rouhani este precară. Iranienii simt că Kim, regele nordului, a reușit mai bine amenințarea americană, iar ei pot să-și schimbe conducătorul și să ia o linie Kim ca îndrumare. Israelul ca bază de bază a Imperiului Statelor Unite poate fi pus în pericol. Cel mai bun lucru despre politica Trump din Iran este că a rupt legătura aparent indestructibilă dintre SUA și Europa. În cazul în care Obama ar încerca să împrăștie diferențele, Trump a lărgit diferența, iar chiar europeni docili au ajuns la concluzia că trebuie să fie mai independenți față de Washington. Acest lucru poate aduce o deconectare între băncile americane și băncile europene și permite europenilor să nu respecte sancțiunile SUA împotriva Iranului și a Rusiei. Acest proces nu este aproape de finalizare, dar a început. Iranul, Rusia și întreprinderile europene vor fi beneficiarii, în timp ce SUA se vor retrage din acest joc.

Grama cea mai puternică împotriva brutalității israeliene a fost cea a președintelui Erdogan din Turcia. El a trimis ambasadorul israelian acasă, și-a chemat înapoi propriul ambasador și a organizat o întâlnire a liderilor statelor musulmane pentru a se ocupa de Israel. Independența Israelului a fost semnul distinctiv al lui Erdogan pentru o lungă perioadă de timp: el a susținut cu Shimon Peres la Davos cu mulți ani în urmă, iar încercarea recentă de lovitură împotriva lui a avut și un sprijin israelian. Dacă sunteți împotriva Israelului, trebuie să fiți împotriva SUA mai mare stat evreiesc. Acest lucru este potrivit lui Erdogan. Din cauza acestei animozități, nici un avion american nu a decolat de pe bazele NATO din Turcia pentru a bombarda Siria. Lupta turcă împotriva separatiștilor kurzi a subminat voința Statelor Unite de a rămâne în Siria, prin toate mijloacele, iar acum există indicii puternice că Trump intenționează să lichideze finanțarea enclavei rebelilor din nordul Siriei, nefericitul Idlib. Israelul este probabil să se confrunte cu o Sirie unită și reconstruită, o perspectivă pe care nu o prețuiește greu.


președintele rus, Vladimir Putin, ar putea arunca o cheie în planurile israeliene. El este puternic investit în Siria; el are nevoie de trupe iraniene acolo, căci fără ele ar trebui să trimită infanteria rusă pentru a scoate rebelii islamici din ruinele orașelor siriene. El a fost umilit de SUA, deoarece ei au afectat bazele și orașele siriene, în timp ce rușii i-au așezat pe mâini. Șeful său de stat a spus că Siria va primi S-300, iar apoi vai vorbește infractorilor israelieni și americani. Israeli au luat această amenințare în căutarea lor. Ministrul israelian al apărării, Avigdor Lieberman, a spus că israelienii vor scoate S-300 (chiar “S-700”, a adăugat el), dacă ar fi pe drum. Și Netanyahu a făcut un gest politic puternic – a zburat la Moscova și a petrecut întreaga perioadă de 9 mai cu președintele rus. Mai 9 este Ziua Rusă; a devenit cea mai mare și mai importantă vacanță rusă la Putin, deoarece vechile sărbători sovietice au fost anulate, în timp ce cele noi erau în curs de gestație. Aceasta era ziua în care rușii i-ar plăcea să primească oaspeți de onoare proeminenți, dar ei nu veniseră. Aceasta a fost Ziua Lui Putin. Foarte puțini lideri au răspuns la invitația de a veni și a revizui parada militară din Piața Roșie. Alegerea vacanței nu a fost una naturală: războiul este un eveniment îndepărtat pentru marea majoritate a rușilor. Aliații lor în război sunt adversarii lor actuali, SUA și Anglia. Al Doilea Război Mondial a fost privatizat de evrei, cel puțin în opinia publică occidentală. Pentru occidentali, acesta a fost războiul pentru evrei și împotriva dușmanului evreilor. Există puține referiri la război în care Holocaustul nu a fost menționat. Fiind conștienți de aceste deficiențe narative, liderii sovietici nu au făcut mult din V-day.Putin pentru construirea națiunii sale a avut nevoie de o vacanță pentru a uni oamenii, a coopta majoritatea pro-sovietică fără a antagoniza grupurile antisovietice . A luat ziua V și a făcut-o într-un eveniment mare, reducând greșelile sale. Sosirea lui Benjamin Netanyahu în acea zi a fost un dar trimis în cer pentru Putin. Aici a fost omul care a putut invita Senatul Statelor Unite, care se poate ocupa de Președintele SUA, iar acum a venit personificat, personificat de domnul World Jewry, susținând narațiunea rusă a istoriei.Bibi a fixat panglica neagră și portocalie Sf. Gheorghe, semnul unui patriot rus și loialistul lui Putin, a luat un poster cu un portret și un nume de erou de război evreiesc și a mers alături de Putin în Regimentul regal nemuritor. Recunoscătorul Putin a recunoscut Holocaustul și a declarat prietenie cu oamenii evrei. Netanyahu și-a răsplătit gazda printr-o grevă de rachete asupra Siriei, aproape imediatAceasta este o procedură standardă israeliană: la orice întâlnire la nivel înalt cu rușii, bombă aliații lor, astfel încât ei ar ști cine este mai important. Aceștia au bombardat Siria, în timp ce jetul rus al ministrului apărării, Shoygu, se afla încă în curs de zbor de la Moscova la Tel Aviv. Putin a înghițit-o și a promis să se abțină de la furnizarea S-300 Siriei, în ciuda cuvintelor șefului său de stat. Curând, Israel a atacat Siria CE; după Israel, au atacat bazele iraniene; în opinia iranienilor, nu există astfel de lucruri; nu există baze iraniene și nu există trupe iraniene. Totuși, acest atac israelian a rămas fără răspuns. Din acea zi fatală din 9 mai, presa rusă a tratat foarte precauți Israelul. Chiar și masacrul din Gaza nu a adus multe condamnări în mass-media rusești, deși Ministerul de Externe rus a condamnat acest act brutal. Agenția oficială de stat RIA a raportat că soldații israelieni au împușcat “persoane deosebit de agresive”. A doua agenție de stat TASS a redus rapoartele despre masacru. Rușii de la putere nu sunt interesați de Iran și de iranieni, mi-a spus un prieten iranian. Deși Iranul ar dori să cumpere tot ceea ce rușii sunt dispuși să vândă, rușii își trag picioarele. Volumul comerțului dintre Rusia și Iran este același ca și între Rusia și Israelul mic, mai puțin de 2 miliarde de dolari pe an. Israelul are o mulțime de suporteri în elitele rusești, rușii vizitează Israelul prin mii de oameni, în timp ce Iranul este un partener nedorit. Pe scurt, evreii și-au depășit problemele până la mijlocul lui mai 2018 și au apărut ca o politică de conducere pe planeta Pământ, în raport perfect cu ambele superputeri și în controlul minții a miliarde. Masacrul din Gaza a furnizat dovezile pe care le pot ucide cu impunitate. Totuși, până acum, evreii au depășit întotdeauna o măsură bună și au adus calamități asupra lor. Nu există nici un motiv să se îndoiască că se va întâmpla și în acest moment. Mai multe despre el, despre asaltul evreiesc asupra Poloniei și despre estetica europeană în piesa următoare.
Israel Shamir poate fi găsit la adresa
Acest articol a fost publicat pentru prima dată la The Unz Review.

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The Nero Decree – Another Tale from the All-Lies

When someone visits the place in Berlin where the Bunker of the Führer used to stand, he finds a placard explaining the Nero Decree, with the ending sentence:

……that shows how little Hitler cared about his supposedly beloved German people’.

First of all, what is the Nero Decree?

It is believed to be a decree from Hitler ordering the destruction of all infrastructure in Germany necessary for the subsistence of the people. This decree is regarded as the proof that Hitler didn’t really care about his people.

This is the infamous placard in Berlin

Why would Hitler want to do that? According to the official propaganda, he wanted the Allies to have a difficult time dealing with the conquered territory, and according to one witness in the Nuremberg trials, Hitler said the German people had earned it because they were cowards. The same witness claimed Hitler used to make disparaging comments about the German people in secret.

But returning to reality, it is interesting that the best source for this document is a text in English with no signatures. On the German page of Wikipedia they quote an English text as the source! If you keep searching the internet for a German version you find only a transcription without any sources. In contrast to all other documents like his political testament, you can look in vain for a photo of the Nero Decree in the original German language with a signature of Hitler.

Hitler’s political testament in original form with his signature. Why does the Nero Decree have no original with signature?

The other interesting fact is the text itself. Anyone who has read Hitler in the original knows that he was rather eccentric in his language. If you have analyzed his texts and speeches (as I have) you can recognize Hitler’s style almost like a DNA test. The style in the Nero Decree (both in the English as in the German versions) is so prosaic, inelegant and dry that I could never imagine Hitler’s actual or internal voice together with it. In short, the order of the sentences and the words used does not fit anything Hitler ever wrote before or after it.

Now let’s tackle the central argument, which is the notion that Hitler didn’t really care about his people. Do we have any evidence of that, besides the claims of an opportunistic witness during the fake trials? We do have a lot of evidence regarding Hitler’s feelings towards his people, but they all invariably point out that he sincerely loved his people, a lot.

His best and only friend during his youth, August Kubizek, wrote in his memoirs that when he was 17 years old Hitler was already obsessed with rescuing his people, and this was so the case that he spent (literally) all his time planning social projects that would improve their lives. He would spend whole nights for many months designing buildings where families would have a dignified habitation. He knew no conversation subject other than the critique of the bad conditions of the poor people in Vienna, of the speculation with money from the rich, etc.

After visiting Wagner’s opera of Rienzi (in which the hero tries to save his people), Hitler had a mystical experience. He went to the top of a mountain to meditate and wouldn’t stop from that moment on talking about the ‘tribune’ and how the noblest of causes is to save your own people.

Rienzi, the Italian hero of Wagner’s opera

Kubizek found it puzzling how little interest Hitler showed for other cultures, and how little necessity he had of ever visiting other countries. He was in love with Germany and he had no eyes for other places!

August Kubizek was, by the way, not even a member of the Nazi party and the Allies weren’t able to adjudicate him of any kind of supposed crimes. He was just a normal guy, not even a “Nazi,” who happened to have been the best friend of the Führer, and nevertheless had only positive memories of him.

Another fact is that this Nero Decree was never carried out! The propaganda claims that not a single building was destroyed because Hitler’s orders were ignored and Hitler never realized it. The only destruction was a train station, but they admit that no one knows who carried it out. That is strange indeed.

The theories also say that Hitler didn’t care about his people while wanting to appear as a hero. Here I had to scratch my head. How could someone who destroys all infrastructure think he will appear as a hero?

Furthermore, when a politician doesn’t give a sh** about his people and wants to appear like a cheap hero in the Jewish media, he would actually play the Globalist and do what Churchill or Roosevelt did.

As an example, this reminds me when Peter Sutherland (the self-baptized ‘father of Globalism’) whispered to Angela Merkel during a conference ‘you are a hero!’, because of her opening the gates to invasion from the third world. Peter Sutherland himself let us know about this incident during an interview in Ireland.

Let’s be honest, in their eagerness to make a bad image of Hitler, the propagandists have neglected all common sense and now they are full of fear whenever someone dares to raise a question about the facts. This becomes more evident when we summarize our conclusions:

  • The theory of Hitler despising his own people rest only on this supposed decree and the claims of a scared-to-death witness.
  • It is not possible to find the original document with the signature of Hitler.
  • This supposed order was never carried out.
  • The style on the text doesn’t conform at all with Hitler’s style.
  • All evidence points out that Hitler loved his people since he was a boy.
  • Most importantly – we all know the Allies were just a bunch of liars!

I would like to end this article with a quotation from Hitler suited for this subject, as a way of reflection:

….And that differentiates me also from the gentlemen in London and America. Whenever I expect a lot from the German soldiers, I don’t expect more, than that which I was always ready to do as a soldier. Whenever I expect a lot from the German people, I don’t expect more than that which I myself already do through working.

Whenever I expect extra hours from many people; I really don’t know what my life is without extra hours. That I don’t know, really. Someone has perhaps the fortune, of being able to leave his work at some time and become free. My work is the destiny of the Reich. I cannot separate my person from it, it follows me day and night since I took the leadership of the nation, in those days of cruel suffering and misery, of worries and of everything falling apart.

Since that time every vacation would be laughable. Because, what does it mean vacations? Vacations are in my eyes only one thing, and that is Germany, that is my people, that is their future, that is the future of their children…. (Hitler‘s Speech in Löwenbräukeller, 1942)

Original Transcription in German:

…..Und das unterscheidet auch mich von diesen Herren da in London und in Amerika. Wenn ich vom deutschen Soldaten viel verlange, ich verlange nicht mehr, als was ich auch selber auch immer zu leisten bereit war. Wenn ich vom deutschen Volk viel verlange, ich verlange nicht mehr, als was ich selber auch arbeite. Wenn ich von Vielen Überstunden verlange, ich weiß überhaupt nicht, was in meinem Leben eine Überstunde ist. Das weiß ich gar nicht. Denn jeder Einzelne hat vielleicht doch das Glück, daß er zu einer gewissen Zeit sich aus seiner Arbeit entfernen kann und dann frei ist. Meine Arbeit ist das Schicksal des Reiches! Ich kann mich von ihr nicht entfernen, sie verfolgt mich Tag und Nacht seit ich vor die Spitze der Nation getreten bin in diesen Tagen des grauen Elends und des Jammers und der Bekümmernis und des Zusammenbruchs. Seit dieser Zeit würde auch jeder Urlaub für mich lächerlich sein. Denn was heißt Urlaub? An Urlaub ist immer nur vor meinem Auge ein einziges, das ist Deutschland. Das ist mein Volk, das ist seine Zukunft, das ist die Zukunft seiner Kinder. Hitlers Rede im Löwenbräukeller 1942

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Cel ce zideste o casa este un om fericit dar cel ce zideste biserici este un om binecuvintat

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The Nice Attack: French intelligence failure or Zionist agenda?

The death toll from the Nice attacks on the 14th of July, 2016 is rising. Latest reports suggest 84 deaths and possibly one hundred more injured. There have been reports of gunfire and the driver of the truck which drove into the crowd near the beach in Nice is reported to have been shot dead. Once again (as with the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan attacks) there is no-one to stand trial and truthfully answer the questions that need to be asked – who and why?

At this point, there is not much that can be verified about the attack. One cannot exclude the possibility that it may have simply been the action of an insane individual. Atrocities of that type are rare but have happened in the past. But there is, however, the strong suggestion and indeed likelihood that this atrocity is a terrorist attack by ‘Islamists’. So, what does all this mean?

French domestic intelligence (DGSI) chief Patrick Calvar warned on the 26th of June 2016 that an ‘Islamist’ attack on French children would be the trigger for a civil war. He said France was currently on the brink of that civil war. Calvar also predicted that ISIS (Da’esh) would use trucks as weapons. It is not unusual in the never-ending war on terror to hear accurate predictions by intelligence officials before attacks, with the same officials seemingly powerless to prevent them.

This ‘uncanny coincidence’ could be the defining event of our time.

French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls is on record stating that the state of emergency in France would be permanent. There has been increasing pressure on the Hollande regime in France to change course in the Middle East. Attempts to reconcile with Russia and lift the sanctions have been blocked by Hollande and Valls, who are puppets of the Jewish Lobby. The Zionists want to continue the war on Syria, Iran and Russia. The Zionists have full control over US/NATO policy. Therefore, the ‘war on terror’, which was created as a pretext to further Zionist geopolitical interests, must be continued.

I believe this is the trigger for a civil war French intelligence warned us about. The question is whether the war will become high intensity or continue on a relatively low-intensity trajectory. There have been police ‘whistleblowers’ in France who have warned of huge caches of arms in major cities, capable of arming hundreds of thousands of men. However, one must be cautious in referring to such ‘whistleblowers’ as they have proven to be highly unreliable and may be spreading disinformation.

In any case, the public’s belief that we are in a ‘state of war’ and that all military interventions abroad are therefore necessary will be enough to make citizens look to the state for protection – an oligarchic state which is currently pursuing a brutal class war against workers.

As 90 percent or more of intelligence operations today involve media disinformation, we cannot possibly assume that any of the reports we are hearing are accurate. However, it is hard to see how a psyop could have been carried out in the Promenade des Anglais which is so central in Nice. What we can say for sure is that the attack serves the two constants of the war on terror dialectic. The narrative would read as follows:

1. Make the state of emergency permanent, empowering the oligarchic state and further demoralising citizens by dividing the working class along religious and racial lines. This is part of NATO’s ‘strategy of tension’ in accordance with the longstanding intelligence operation Gladio. Citizens must turn to the anti-social state for ‘security’, thus precluding social revolt.

2. Justify an all out attack on Syria to finish the job of destroying Arab civilisation, in accordance with Zionism’s geopolitical interests. Only the willfully ignorant could possibly believe that ISIS is an enemy of France when the French have never had better relations with the country which openly backs them – Saudi Arabia. The intelligence reports, declassified documents and admissions of the highest officials of the French and American governments all confirm that ISIS is Israel’s Arab legion.

Both those two above-mentioned goals serve Zionism and until the French people liberate themselves from its yoke, Zionism will continue to poison the minds of men, making them consent to policies that no honest and compassionate human being would countenance. An awakening of working-class militancy is occurring but the labour movement in France remains divided and led by social-democratic reformists. Now, more than ever, seeing the link between terrorism and class war is essential if any political and social change is to occur. In an era of high-finance treason, oligarchy, austerity, and the triumph of avarice, terror increasingly becomes a feature of the normal rather than an exceptional exercise of state power.

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  1. “If this story actually happened, something else makes a lot more sense: The truck was taken over via remote control, the people remote controlling the truck caused a malfunction in a little less than a minute and a half, and the driver sat inside the disabled truck in shock for 28 minutes and 40 seconds until the police arrived and shot him. Gun thrown in to add spice, he probably did not have one or he would have shot bystanders. “Allahu Akbar” line added for spice (yes, he “shouted that” the moment before the final bullet hit him, even though he’d already been shot at for a while.) How would he know RIGHT WHEN THE RIGHT BULLET WAS COMING SO IT WAS TIME TO SAY THAT?

    Lots ‘O bullshit here already, if they want REAL NEWS to be believable, they can’t spike it with this B.S. if it is real to begin with!Ok, let’s line item this:1. He went 40 mph.2. He went one mile.3. It took him a half hour to do it.4. He had a gun, and already “demonstrated” with the truck that he wanted to kill people. But he shot no one.5. He conveniently shouted Allahu Akbar.

    Yep, that all makes sense to me. How about a little more sense than that even?REAL PROBABLE SCENARIO 1:

    1. His truck was taken over via remote, as all vehicles sold in the U.S. are required to have after a little known law passed in 2005 mandating that some form of cell network linked control had to be in all new vehicles from 2005 onward. This probably became law in Europe also. 2. They sped it to 40 mph, went through the barricades and started mowing people down with it.3. After a mile or so and in less than 2 minutes, they caused a malfunction in the truck and it stopped, probably by ripping an air line loose (which would lock up the brakes)4. Mo sat there in shock, with the doors locked because they locked them via remote, for (according to the requirements of not-so-common-core math,) 28 minutes and 40 seconds (until police arrived). That is how you can explain why he did not get out and run during all that time, and why he shot no one despite “having a gun” which would have allowed him to get out and run.5. Finally armed police arrived and shot him through the glass, and they made up an excuse that he had a gun.6. “Allahu Akbar” was added to the story for spice.

    Probable scenario 2:

    It was a drill and they killed the patsy.One way or another, real or not, they have spiced this story with enough B.S. to wreck it’s credibility entirely. Who knows – maybe the guy did flip out and start mowing people down, but if the story is sewn with obvious patent bullshit, it’s a fat chance I am going to believe any of it.

    AS USUAL, PATSY DEAD. This time (obviously) because if they did remote control his truck, they could not have him in court saying that. The same tired story we have seen far too much: dead men tell no tales
    Jim Stone ex NSA asset

    Comment by Leland ROTH | July 16, 2016 | Reply

  2. “Odd that the ‘terrorists’ didn’t bother to drive 8 miles up the road to Monaco, where they would have found plenty of elites to run down!” Michael Rivero owner of

    Comment by Leland ROTH | July 16, 2016 | Reply

  3. If you look at the footage of the “bodies” lying on the ground, it is clear that they are mannequins or dummies.

    Comment by flybow | July 16, 2016 | Reply

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Doina, varianta autentică

de Mihai Eminescu

De la Nistru pân’ la Tisa
Tot românul plânsu-mi-s-a,
Că nu mai poate străbate
De-atâta străinătate
Din Hotin şi pân’ la Mare
Vin Muscalii de-a călare,
De la Mare la Hotin
Calea noastră ne-o aţin
Şi Muscalii şi Calmucii
Şi nici Nistrul nu-i înneacă
Săraca ţară, săracă!
Din Boian la Cornu Luncii
Jidoveşte-nvaţă pruncii
Şi sub mână de jidan
Sunt românii lui Ştefan.
Că-ndărăt tot dă ca racul
Fără tihnă-i masa lui
Şi-i străin în ţara lui.
Din Braşov pân’la Abrud
Vai ce văd şi ce aud
Stăpânind ungurul crud
Iar din Olt până la Criş
Nu mai este luminiş
De greul suspinelor
De umbra străinilor,
De nu mai ştii ce te-ai face
Sărace român, sărace!
De la Turnu-n Dorohoi
Curg duşmanii în puhoi
Şi s-aşează pe la noi;

Şi cum vin cu drum de fier
Toate cântecele pier
Zboară paserile toate
De neagra străinătate
Numai umbra spinului
La uşa creştinului
Codrul geme şi se pleacă
Şi izvoarele îi seacă
Săraca ţară, săracă!
Cine ne-a adus jidanii
Nu mai vază zi cu anii
Şi să-i scoată ochii corbii
Să rămâie-n drum ca orbii
Cine ne-a adus pe greci
N-ar mai putrezi în veci
Cine ne-a adus Muscalii
Prăpădi-i-ar focul jalei
Să-l arză, să-l dogorească
Neamul să i-l prăpădească,
Iar cine mi-a fost mişel
Seca-i-ar inima-n el,
Cum duşmanii mi te seacă
Săraca ţară, săracă!
Ştefane, Măria ta,
Lasă Putna, nu mai sta,
Las’ arhimandritului
Toată grija schitului,
Lasă grija gropilor
Dă-o-n seama popilor
La metanii să tot bată,
Ziua toată, noaptea toată,
Să se-ndure Dumnezeu
Ca să-ţi mântui neamul tău…
Tu te-nalţă din mormânt
Să te-aud din corn cântând
Şi Moldova adunând
Adunându-ţi flamurile
Să se mire neamurile;
De-i suna din corn odată
Ai s-aduni Moldova toată

De-i suna de două ori
Vin şi codri-n ajutor;
De-i suna a treia oară
Toţi duşmanii or să piară
Daţi în seama ciorilor
Ş-a spânzurătorilor.
Ştefane, Măria Ta,
Lasă Putna, nu mai sta
Că te-aşteaptă litvele
Să le zboare tigvele
Să le spui molitvele
Pe câţi pari, pe câţi fuştei
Căpăţani de grecotei
Grecoteii şi străinii
Mânca-le-ar inima câinii
Mânca-le-ar ţara pustia
Şi neamul nemernicia
Cum te pradă, cum te seacă
Săraca ţară, săracă!

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Adiós Mohammed

Spain suffered grievously from North African invasion and occupation. Much of Spain was occupied by the North Africans from the times of the first invasions in 711AD until the Moors were finally expelled in 1614.

Should you visit Spain’s Mediterranean coastlines, every few kilometres you will discover watch towers overlooking the sea. These were built and maintained over the centuries. From these turrets and towers approaching fleets of slave-hunting Moorish marauders could be seen. This would hopefully give local villagers time to flee and hide.

The Iberian Peninsula is situated directly opposite North Africa’s coastlines. Due to Spain’s geographical proximity to North Africa, the peninsula’s luckless inhabitants suffered nearly 1,000 years of Arab occupation and slavery. Spain never forgets; throughout the year, and every year, colourful celebrations mark the Christians’ defeat and expulsion of the North African Moors.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Spain is far less accommodating to a repeat performance than is Germany and Scandinavia. During 2015 Spain recorded a 10-fold increase in threats and attacks on Arabs and Muslim institutions; mosques are constantly targeted. A total of 534 anti-Islam attacks were recorded by Spanish monitors. Recently, following the Arab-inspired terrorist attacks in Brussels, ethnic European activists attacked a mosque in Madrid.

M30 Madrid Mosque in Flames

Purchase on Amazon

Claiming responsibility, Hogar Social Madrid (Madrid Social Home) posted photos on social media of their lighting flares in the vicinity of the Arab religious and cultural centre.

Spanish protesters gathered at the Omar Mosque in Madrid. Fearing Muslim terror attacks in Spain, many protesters placards carried the slogan, ‘Today Brussels Tomorrow Madrid’. In another incident a man was arrested in Parla, a suburb of Madrid on suspicion of throwing red paint, symbolic of blood.

During the previous year there were only 48 such attacks. The attacks are thought to be acts of revenge. It is claimed that ISIS and Muslim-related attacks elsewhere result in a spike in such incidents in Spain.

Spanish police say they have so far identified fourteen national defence activists seen in the vicinity of the M30 mosque at the time of the attack. As our report is filed Spanish police are analysing data to see if any of the fourteen can be charged with what are described as ‘hate crimes’.

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Ten Facts Why Netanyahu is a Criminal and that Israel is a “Rogue State”

1. Netanyahu heads the only undeclared nuclear weapons entity on the planet yet still ludicrously alleges that non­ nuclear Iran is trying to exterminate the state of Israel with its 100s of warheads in its Dimona secret arsenal, (all of which are outside the inspection of the IAEA), in an abortive effort to damage the agreed Iran peace deal, painstakingly negotiated by the UN Security Council members and the EU. His convoluted political machinations, in Washington and Europe, have resulted in ignominious failure as Iran rejoins the international community.

2. His government also refuses to be a party to both the Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions (CWC / BWC) to which all EU members and most other UN states are signatories

3. His right­wing, extremist government supports the continued illegal occupation and settlement of the Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights in violation of international law, in addition to continuing a blockade of essential materials to 1.8 million in Gaza that has received global condemnation.

4. He exerts a wholly undemocratic influence over the Republican­ AIPAC dominated US congress in Washington thereby disproportionately skewing American foreign policy in favour of Israel

5. His family background includes a documented association with terrorist organisations notably the Irgun Zvai Leumi paramilitaries

6. His government is in continued breach of the human rights provisions of the EU Association Agreement that affords Israel free trade access to the European single market

7. He allows the so­called ‘pricetag’ terrorists to continue to persecute Arab residents in the Occupied Territories by the burning and destruction of olive groves and businesses in a program of uncontrolled intimidation and violence

8. He continually threatens to restrict access to Jerusalem’s Al­ Aqsa mosque as did his failed predecessor, Ariel Sharon, apparently in a bid to provoke violence and dissent

9. He is the leader of a party whose published charter requires the ethnic cleansing of all indigenous Palestinians in order to establish a Greater Israel in all of former Palestine

10. Likud’s official agenda to establish the so­called ‘facts on the ground’ is a blatant attempt to abort the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. This illegal program has recently been condemned by China as well as by the EU, Russia and the US and is now expected to lead to economic, political and sporting sanctions.

Note: all the above facts are verifiable in the public domain

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