Israel is Bad for the Jews

Benjamin Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel, the first born son of Israel, the end-times Anti-Christ, who’s name adds up to the number of the Beast, 666, is my best friend.  And do you want to know why?  This evil prick is going to get every Jew killed.  Israel is bad for the Jews because Israeli is run by supremacist Jews whose over the top extremist behavior will end up being bad for all Jews.

So all you Jews out there, that happen to read this, might note I am doing more to save your sorry guilty asses then anyone else on the planet.  Jews are the lost Apes, unable to transition to higher consciousness, stuck in their pathetic self chosen egos, unable to love the rest of humanity.  Your salvation Jew, is in my love, is in the great love us non Jews have for everything , including your wicked tortured souls trapped in the Archon mind meld.

When your snipers kill fleeing children from your completely immoral and evil takeover of another nation, as you bomb huddles masses in the open air ghetto prison camp, the world sees you for the evil that you are.  You are monsters, you are not human, you are not a human being, you are missing a vital part of what it is to be human, your heart and compassion that connects you to source.  So your claim of your divine chosen status falls into the emptiness of the pit of Palestinian despair.


No one feels sorry for you anymore Jew.  We are changing our minds about you, as the world wakes up to your propaganda and finds out you invented the Holocaust story out of whole cloth, as they see you for the way you really are, liars, thieves and murderers you will once again, for the umpteenth time feel the wrath of the rest of the world.

Israel is Bad for Evangelical Churches

Whoever stands with Israel, now goes down with Israel.  What you will witness next, is the real Exodus, lol, the mass exodus of all the traitorous rats in bed with Bibi.  Those Christians aligned with Israel deserve at the minimum, scorn and humiliation, and they actually deserve prison for being complicit in mass murder. The horrific war crimes of Israel and the Jews who follow their evil books are now directly associated with the best friends of Israel, the Evangelical Christians.


Evangelical Christianity is going to go down in flames, there are big changes coming to these apostate Old Testament Jew loving fanatics.  The have made a terrible mistake for abandoning their own teachings for Jewry, many Christians are catching on while the pastors are being recruited by Hagee’s CUFI psyop. Make no mistake, this guy is probably a Rabbi working directly for Israel, he is drumming up unwavering loyalty in the Christian community while Israel commits atrocious war crimes.  Hagee deserves to hang along with all the other TV envangelizing Jew whores.


The world is currently snapping out of the religious trance, no longer has the spell of the end-times have potency when you are living in the hell of the spell.  This is real as it gets folks, this entire tragedy is not prophecy coming true, it is us creating this disaster because of our beliefs.  We did this, not god, not the devil, it was us and our actions and affiliations, and those that still believe are deceived by the spell.

No longer are you frozen in the headlights like a deer standing in the road in front of onrushing truck, you are either running for your life or getting angry about the incredible evil of the Jews.  The Bible Hell Spell is coming due, it is unleashing real hell right now in this realm.  The Holy Bible is not holy or good, it is an evil Jewish book that was used to trick your mind in supporting the butchery in Gaza.

You might think this rhetoric of putting the torch to these Bible fundamentalist churches, razing synagogues, or even killing Jews is extreme – but I guarantee you will change your mind in the near future.  When your world is wrecked by this tribe and your standard of living permanently lowered to serf, you will no longer hold back.  You will say the Jew word, you will talk about the real problem, you will vote for ‘radicals’ who promise to change the system by ridding the nation of the Jew, you will read Mein Kampf, you will change your mind about Hitler, you will go the the Daily Stormer and other ‘radical’ sites. 

The crisis will force you to change your mind about the Jew, you will become conscious of how the Jew really behaves and what he has done, which is so bad that all Jews should immediately commit suicide.


Israel is Bad for the Economy

Israel is a parasite state, it gets nearly all its funding from other states. Every bomb Israel illegally drops on it’s own citizens is stolen from the host nation, every F-16 and F-15 fighter jet used to blow the shit out of little children is paid for by the citizens of another country.  Israel is bad for your pocketbook because you are paying for their war crimes.  Little do you know that in the near future the Jews will turn on your nation and start killing your own.  It’s the way of the parasite, controlling you first by extortion then waging a terror war on you so you can’t rebel.

Israel did 911 and is the prime suspect in the 911 gold heist.  Now the Jew York Fed refuses to repatriate the Bundesbank gold to Germany.  Obviously the Jews have stolen the gold and the question is for what purpose.  One idea is the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple who’s interior could be covered in gold leaf, they will reestablish a world currency back by gold, and when they do the Jews will then have the lion’s share of the gold, that way you will then automatically put in slave status as you try to get some for a piece of moldy bread.


The Jews are experts at destroying economies, look at what they have done to America thus far, all the manufacturing jobs gone and tens of millions of illegal immigrants brought in destroying good wages.  Jews destroy everything they touch, they are the destructive force in this realm, they hate life, love, and work.  The Jews robbed America blind, they stole the wealth of an entire industrial nation, pulled 911, then sent you to war for their goal of a Greater Israel.  They forgot to tell you that when they get done using you like toilet paper, they will toss your nation in the ditch.

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.” Benjamin Netanyahu, 2002

Americans foolishly support Israel and the Jews, they are being driven into bankruptcy, the Gulf Wars have accelerated the debt driven bust of the Federal Reserve usury system.


The Jewish parasites love a free ride, like the one America is giving them now.  If you look at the details of who gets the DHS grants, or who is behind the welfare warfare state, you will find Jewish parasites.  First the Jew parasite streams into your nation undetected, they set up shop and start networking, always working against the host, finding a lever to take down the Goyim. 

They believe in the permanent free lunch program because the Gods must be served by everyone else, so they have an easy task of convincing the host to accept the welfare state as they wreck the economy.  Once they get these new social programs going, they can finish off the economy and get the masses on welfare, which stops political resistance to their final take down of the economy.  When they squeeze out the last drop of blood from the American economic miracle, they will drop your nation like a vampire that drops a spent bloodless corpse


We are at that point now, the end of the train wreck when they pull the plug on the whole damn crazy scam they set up here. They pulled 911, created an internal pro-Jewish police agency, the DHS, equipped it with tons of ammo and military vehicles.  There’s only one act left before they roll the tanks on us like Palestine, the crash.  The big crash when the derivative bubble pops and there’s a massive deflation as asset prices, an across the board crash in stocks, bonds, and real estate prices.  They are about to leave you penniless and most people have no idea they are about to pull the plug.

It will be an epic crash of Biblical proportions because never before has the bubble been this big, never has the world been levered with trillions in debt.  They think they have us under their thumb, bu they have no idea what they have done this time, they are about to get wiped out – because if the world economy fails, as it certainly must, because Jewish economics is parasitic, it will cause such great displacements in capital that when the natural order is re-asserted the effect will be so profound, so horrific that mass opinion will instantly turn against these loons.  A tidal wave of instant change is coming.

Israel is Good for a World Wide Pogrom Against Jews Everywhere

People tell me Jews are smart, but they are not, and the 130 pogroms against them in the past 500 years is proof.  Repeating the same destructive behavior for thousands of years is proof of insanity.   Jews think they have a lock on America and the rest of the western world.  They think their control grid, the Jewish control matrix, will prevent another pogrom..

Dear reader, you have no idea what you are going to do when the money dries up, the system you rely on fails, when your very existence is threatened you will be transported emotionally to a new realm, a place where you have not been before, a desperate state that your forefathers existed in, the place where you couldn’t understand how they had such animosity against Jews.  You will know what it is like to really hate the Jews like so many other peoples have.  In the news, the Jews are lobbying to have a village in France renamed.

Hell is coming to America, and eventually people will fight back and retake their nation, it is inevitable even though the Jew thinks and boasts otherwise.  The narcissistic Jew can not understand why any town would be called KILL ALL JEWS.

Israel Bad for Moderate Jews

The Israelis foolishly elected the antichrist Netanyahu twice, who is unleashing Apocalypse Now on the world.  Israel’s latest foray into Gaza is a disaster for Israeli public relations, they killed 2,000 Palestinians but lost the confidence the world, the world has now awoken to Jew treachery and lies, millions and millions of people are falling out of favor with these murdering racists assholes.

All of their emotional capital stored up with Holocaust propaganda has been spent.  The stupid Israelis should have called their latest blood letting the Holocaust Epic Fail.  Israel is now commonly referred to as Israhell or Isahell.  That’s pretty bad when you are supposed to be the holy chosen ones.  All those bombs dropping must be bad for tourism.


Antichrist Netanyahu’s strategy is clear, he learned his lesson in his first term, he is the author of world wide terror as a way to hold political power for the Likud party.  Blow everything up, scream terror, stampede the masses into the police state, stomp out dissent from any moderate Jew even within Israel.

If the world is to survive Bibi the mad bomber, they must come to see what he is doing, he is using terror as a political strategy for his own selfish reason of staying in power.  He is a real villain acting as savior to his people, just as George Orwell detailed in ‘1984’.  It is reasonable to assume that he will scrub Gaza and the remaining Palestinian enclaves out of existence and stand on the Temple Mount declaring his divinity.  Lol. 

Israel is Just Bad and No Longer Deserves to Exist

The USS Liberty attack, 911, Fukushima, Gaza, Ukraine, weekly airliner shoot downs, are just a small list of Israel’s false flags, murders by deception, pollution to the planet, etc.  Israel is just plain evil, and the world is catching on, and before long the world mind will start to realize the obvious, that Israel must be stopped.  The civilized world can not function with Israel, the Israelis are blowing everything up, much of the time over petty votes at the U.N.


The world is finding out that the supremacist Jews that run Israel are unreasonable, irrational and unapologetic, so egotistical that they are mad, that no reasonable person can deal with these inhuman parasites.  From Juba the sniper to daviddovaida, the Jews kill American boys in uniform, who were sent to war for Israel, to terrified Palestinian children fleeing the dropping bombs and artillery.


So it is inevitable in the near future that the world leaders will come to the definitive conclusion that Israel must be disbandoned and defanged – the funding will be pulled, weapons recalled, nuclear weapons seized.  The only logical end to this terrible Jewish caused strategy is the same type of ending metered out by Hitler.  Once again it is probable that all Jews will suffer collective punishment for some Jews.  The Jews will whine about their collective fate, never owning a single act, never admitting to their own complicity, never realizing that their evil books made them mad.

world condemns jews and zionists

Obama is a good man 
The Rise and Imminent Demise of the ‘Jewish Master Race’

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  1. pete says:

    But you are right in one thing when the World Awakes, dear God, you can’t say they didn’t ask for it.


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