Almost 5 Years After Libya Was Destroyed By US/Israel/NATO Cabal, What That Nation Looks Like Now

It was the summer of 2011when the Rothschild banking criminal cartel that runs the European Union demanded that their slaves and minions basically go into Libya and not only have that peaceful and prosperous nation destroyed, but to have Muhammar Ghadaffi murdered and his several hundred tons of Gold Bullion confiscated…. It was a preplanned brutal attack basically because Ghadaffi, in spite of the lies coming out by the Jew spew media that he was “evil”, was the greatest leader the Libyan people had ever known and was working for the betterment of the Libyans which of course was something the evil Rothschilds would not stand for…..  The subsequent attack and demolition of Libya left the nation in tatters and of course we all know the story now how Ghadaffi himself was brutally murdered…..

Now some 4 and 1/2 years after the destruction of Libya, many people world wide are being kept in the dark about the real state of that country today…. And to help everyone understand exactly what Libya is like years after that “regime change”, I want to present the following report that originally comes from the Zero Hedge website, at, through the Blacklisted News website, at, entitled: “The US Helped Overthrow Libya In 2011.  Here’s Whats Happening There Now”…. From this report you will find out exactly what is happening in Libya today, and how that “regime change” has not left the country and its people for the better…. I have the link to that very important report right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:’s_What’s_Happening_There_Now/48205/0/38/38/Y/M.html

NTS Notes:  Well, America… How do you like what you have done to Libya now?   Congratulations on turning a prosperous and peaceful nation that did you absolutely no harm, into basically a backwards barbaric sewer today!

Lets face the facts… Ghadaffi had everything going so right in Libya under his rule… The people were prosperous and the nation was truly a beacon for the rest of Africa to emulate… But again, the Rothschilds could never let any of their slave nations ever be free, so they demanded Libya be destroyed and turned into a brutal sewer of a mess.. We see the results today….

And about this “ISIS” insurgency in Libya?  My suspicions are that this is a planned and staged event for the US and their NATO criminal cabal to go right back into Libya and reconquer that nation…. The facts are that the Libyan people are most certainly by this time sick and tired of their brutal US puppet dictatorship in Tripoli and therefore they are indeed now fighting to free their nation.  Therefore the US/NATO/Israel criminal cabal has needed an “excuse” to go back into Libya, and sure enough they have called on their agents in that fraud “ISIS” terrorist group to give them that excuse….

Let this be a lesson to all nations… Be careful for what you wish for when you seek “aid” or any “help” from the United States and the criminal NATO cabal… Libya, and Ukraine, are the most recent examples of what happens when their people allow these criminals to “intervene” in their affairs….

More to come


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