Tatjana Festerling: “Germans are Prisoners in a Trap of Propriety”


In previous reports on the German Counterjihad we’ve featured Tatjana Festerling, a prominent PEGIDA leader. After making public remarks about the weakness and sedition of German political leaders before and after the Groping Jihad in Cologne, Ms. Festerling has joined the growing ranks of German dissidents who are being targeted by the state with legal action due to their activism in opposition to mass Muslim immigration.

The following report by Rembrandt Clancy includes a subtitled video clip and translated excerpts from the speech by Ms. Festerling at a LEGIDA rally in Leipzig on January 11, along with an analysis of the speech in its larger context.

by Rembrandt Clancy

Frau Tatjana Festerling, one of the most visible members of the PEGIDA leadership team, delivered a speech in Leipzig on 11 January 2016. It concerned the recent sex-jihad in Cologne on New Year’s Eve. Below is a translation of the highlights of that speech, in the forefront of which lies not the events themselves, but rather their analysis.

Frau Festerling, whether conscious of it or not, might be said to be establishing themetapolitical foundation necessary for a successful counter-revolutionary party politics (cf. Thor von Waldstein: Metapolitics and Party Politics, Gates of Vienna). Metapolitics is the building of a shared civil and ‘cultural’ nexus in the body politic. Frau Festerling shows at least three characteristics for the establishment of such a metapolitical cultural hegemony: the courage to posit her own narrative, engagement in the battle for language, and the courage for provocation.

Frau Festerling hails from Hamburg. She is 51 years old with two grown children (Tatjanafesterling.de). Having been a member of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) when it was under Bernd Lucke, she left the party amid controversy over her support for Hooligans against Salafists (HOGESA) in October of 2014. In June of 2015, Frau Festerling ran for the office of Chief Mayor (Oberbürgermeister) of Dresden under a PEGIDA ticket garnering nearly 10% of the vote, which was considered a respectable showing. She dropped out of the race after a first indecisive round.

Frau Festerling begins her speech by reminding her audience that the occasion is the anniversary her first LEGIDA speech, LEGIDA being the Leipzig offshoot of PEGIDA. It is also the first anniversary of LEGIDA itself. On that occasion there were 4,800 participants according to police reports. One year later the estimate ranges from 2,000 to 3,000 participants (Epoch Times’ Live-Ticker).

Tatjana Festerling Reported to Authorities for Incitement

Before getting to the full speech itself, we draw attention to a single sentence in Frau Festerling’s talk, which in a climate of free speech might have gone unremarked, but has provoked complaints to the prosecutor’s office in Leipzig:

Were the majority of citizens in full possession of their faculties, they would take up pitchforks and beat these traitors and demagogic, people-agitating elites from the parliaments, from the courts, from the churches and from the publishing houses.

This statement, although hypothetical and properly expressed in the subjunctive, nevertheless provided an opportunity for a Berlin-based organ of the mainstream press, the Federation of German Newspaper Publishers (BDYV), to lodge an official complaint. The BDYV is an umbrella organisation for German daily, Sunday and weekly newspapers. Here is the report of the situation as it appeared in the Sächsische Zeitung (12 January 2016):

The Federation of German Newspaper Publishers [BDYV] condemned the statements which the Pegida front woman, Tatjana Festerling, made at a Legida-demo on Monday evening in Leipzig. ‘In this case, it was clearly a question of incitement of the people [Volksverhetzung] and a call to violence’, declared BDZV chief executive officer, Dietmar Wolff. Wolff requested that the Saxon judicial authorities put a stop to the activities of the Pegida leadership.

The prosecutor’s office in Leipzig, according to a spokesman, is examining whether there is a reasonable suspicion of ‘incitement of the people’. Moreover, on account of Festerling’s speech, a complaint from a Berliner has been received. It pertains to an accusation of public incitement to criminal behaviour, added the spokesman.

The following lines constitute the immediate context of the offending sentence:

And to ask the question in a completely cynical way: this time it was MERELY a sex-terror attack; AS YET there were no dead bodies, but what is lacking for the Cologne Cathedral plaza to become a slaughter plaza?

To us one thing is clear: between the capitulation on our frontiers and the collapse of the constitutional order at the Cologne’s Hauptbahnhof there exists a direct connection.

And yet de Maizière stands up at the federal press conference and stammers: “We have not made any mistake”.

Were the majority of citizens in full possession of their faculties, they would take up pitchforks and beat these traitors and demagogic, people-agitating elites from the parliaments, from the courts, from the churches and from the publishing houses.

But this is not happening, because an unbearable, ideologically moralising propriety is being forced on Germans, a moral-terrorism, which causes the reticent Germans, who believe in humanism, to crouch in their homes out of fear of “being called right-wing”. Germans are prisoners in a trap of propriety, and for that reason, the majority of Germans remain at the window behind the curtains and hope that the chalice of slaughter might pass them by [emphasis added].

The following two-minute video is contains the above segment of the speech.

Tatjana Festerling: LEGIDA speech, 11 January 2016

The original German video source is broken into two parts totalling about 24 minutes. They can be accessed with the following links:

The highlights are presented in segments to allow for a brief establishment of background.

Following her introductory remarks Tatjana Festerling connects the sex-jihad of New Year’s Eve in Cologne with Chancellor Merkel, referring to her in a manner reminiscent of the affectionate appellations for Stalin: Uncle Joe or Papa Stalin:

New Year’s Eve will never again be the same. Hardly had Asylum-Mutti-Merkeldelivered her New Year’s message to the German people when the first rockets flew toward the Cathedral and policemen. The unfettered mob grew to around 1,500 refugees… And these Muslim “refugees” then began a widespread terrorist attack on German women, — on white, blond women [emphasis added]

Do you know what an over 1,000-strong organised group is called? It is called a paramilitary terror group; and these terrorist cells are in the country by the thousands, distributed in a militarily tactical way in more than 10,000 asylum locations in Germany. And I have not included the Antifa in this calculation. And at the same time, these Muslim bands are declaring war on us, in Cologne, in Hamburg, in Berlin, in Stuttgart, in Bielefeld, in Helsinki, in Salzburg, and I am certain that this numeration is incomplete.

What appeared to be co-ordinated sexual attacks on women in these cities prompts Frau Festerling to mention a terrorist alert that had closed down two train stations in Munich on New Year’s Eve, the main train station and the one in Pasing. Officials attributed the closures to a planned suicide attack by men with connections to the Islamic State. But since the closures occurred at the same time as the New Year’s Eve sex-jihad in Cologne and several other cities, Frau Festerling is prompted to ask questions:

And in this connection, the question arises as to what was really behind the closing of the two train stations in Munich. Were they closed due to the danger of terrorism? Herr de Maizière [Federal Minister of the Interior], what kind of terrorist danger was in Munich? Was it, perhaps, that a mob was gathering there too, and to prevent a worsening situation the train stations were sealed up? What did the security authorities in Munich know that those in other cities did not know?

Frau Festerling now makes her first reference to an organisational potential among the stream of migrants:

Viktor Orbán had already warned us, when in September, an a very large, determined mob attacked the Hungarian border fence while responding to commands given in Arabic and English. That these invaders have long been organised with military precision is reflected in the fact that during their transport by rail, they pull the emergency brake somewhere between stations and leave the trains for the fields in the thousands. It is to be assumed, that they fix their location with the use of Google Maps and receive their signal to leave the train directly on their smart phones…

Frau Festerling predicts, in respect of the sex-attacks, that the organisational component will reveal itself over time, while the state abandons its social contract with its citizens:

… [U]nder no circumstances should we dismiss these attacks, these harbingers of a sex-jihad, as isolated incidents. No, there will be more. That was merely the starting signal. They have simply tested the limits. And what is the answer of the German constitutional state? The mayor of Cologne, the politician responsible for a city of a million inhabitants, gives women rules of behaviour for Carnival, along with the celebrated arm’s length rule. This bit of advice is to the highest degree disgusting, arrogant, ignorant and misogynous. It mocks the victims, and it shows capitulation to highly untrammelled violence and a submission to Islam…

… The state is no longer in a position to provide security for its citizens. It is not even willing to change that… Germans are only good as worker bees, for generating revenue for the politicians to pump hand over fist into the asylum industry [tumultuous applause]. Beyond that, the German citizen is expected to kindly keep his mouth shut. Politicians and the press declare German citizens to be quasi-outlaws and are at the mercy of the unfettered mob of Muslim invaders. The barbarians have no consequences to fear from the state.

This is the point where the sentence which prompted the complaint to the Leipzig prosecutor occurs (translated above). We continue Frau Festerling’s speech from that point:

The Herrenmenschen in politics, in the media, in the unions, in the violent black blocs on the streets and the silent, cowardly masses have created the mental climate in which it is possible to humiliate, degrade and rape women in a mass attack. And the Lügenpresse, as accomplices to the politicians, try to hide what is monstrous, even though the foreign media reports that this sex attack was planned and organised. … And then the German media employ the usual methods: … deception, tricks, trivialising, relativisation and turning meaning on its head: yes, they even tried to declare the perpetrators as victims and attempted to deride the victims. Out of all barrels, the government fired upon us with their propaganda. …

… And look at the parallels. The media are using a procedure practised in Islam,taqiyya, the obfuscation of the hushed up lie. And what we experienced on New Year’s Eve is exactly what unfolded in the summer of 2014 in Tahrir square in Egypt. And the German press, in outrage, reported on that at the time. No, the dominant theme of the politicians, the press and the usual representatives of the Muslim organisations was (and is) to warn that the terror attack of the unfettered Afro-Arabian sex-mob could play into our hands and the hands of PEGIDA and the AfD, that is to say, into the hands of the right-wing populists who are allegedly so dangerous. And it is that which must seep into the brain. It is not the sexual degradation of women by the mob of Muslim men which is the problem for the politicians. No. We are the problem, our possible reactions to violent excesses.

In this situation reality is distorted. No clear thinking citizen in Germany requires the international media, or PEGIDA, or the AfD in order to understand, to sense, and to experience how, in Germany, policy is turned against the majority, and meaning of the facts is upended to reflect what is the very opposite. And that makes people furious…

The speaker now follows up with an analysis of one of the “killer phrases of political correctness”, the prohibition against directing “general suspicion” against a whole population, namely, not all Muslim migrants are perpetrators, therefore one is not to notice that all the perpetrators were Muslim migrants. She establishes her own narrative.

… Merkel, de Maizière, Gabriel and Gröhe want no general suspicion against refugees and asylum applicants. But we have never expressed that here. On the contrary, we have always spoken for the acceptance of persecuted Christians from the Arabian war zones. But a general suspicion of politicians is slowly on the increase.

“General suspicion”: that is one of these killer phrases of political correctness. There is nothing condemnable about a factually-based general suspicion. On the contrary, it is an indicator of intelligence. Only if we have a suspicion at all, and harbour it, can we prepare and protect ourselves. And naturally we stand by the suspicion that hordes of young Muslim men, who come fresh out of the archaic, brutalising sharia culture in the Near East, and having just burned down tents in Slovenia in order to extort their way to Germany, will continue to live here according to the same principles. And that is a legitimate general suspicion.

It is interesting to compare what Baron Bodissey wrote on 8 January with what Tatjana Festerling said on 11 January. In his post, “The Larger Motive Behind the Groping Jihad”. Baron Bodissey writes:

Silvester night was a probe. Islam targeted the enemy’s most vulnerable and valuable property: its young women. The nature of the enemy’s response will inform the subsequent actions of the invading organism.

Based on the weak and vacillating response of the German authorities, we can expect another attack relatively soon from the muhajirun, the new migrants who have madehijra to Europe.

The next action will be stronger and more audacious. The jihad will take into account what it has learned from the feckless response in Cologne and elsewhere, and act accordingly.

Islam understands something that we Westerners seem to have forgotten: A society that refuses to defend its women will defend nothing [emphasis original].

Frau Festerling:

… New Year’s Eve was a test, an initial paradigmatic play, a general rehearsal. How well are we functioning at the organisational level? How is the state reacting? How are the public reacting? What consequences will follow?… Because of the publicity, ever more women are feeling the courage to file a complaint… Then there is the converse. The attack worked — with no consequences… What actually happened here? When one degrades, humiliates and disgraces women, by the fact alone that one does it to women, one degrades, humiliates and disgraces above all the men who did not manage to defend their women, and thereby one disgraces the entire society.

At this point Frau Festerling mentions the doorman, Ivan Jurcevic (44), who was on duty on New Year’s Eve in front of the “Excelsior Ernst”, a five-star hotel near the main train station. After the native Croatian gave a video interview describing how he had protected some women from “people that we welcomed just 3 months ago, with teddy bears and water bottles at the Hauptbahnhof in Munich”, Henning Matthlesen, the director of the hotel, said: “I distance myself and my team from xenophobic statements which are currently circulating on the Internet from a member of the external security firm.” (Kölner Stadt Anzeiger)

What a repugnant gesture of submission! Ever lengthier is the list of politicians, journalists and personnel managers, to whom one wishes a good and proper fickie fickie experience.

Now the speaker turns the manipulative function of certain political slogans, specifically the neo-Communist or totalitarian aim of forming a “consensus”, of collectivising the population by bypassing reason and breaking down boundaries. The example is Frau Merkel’s “Wir schaffen das“:

When was the last time we actually heard a truly political statement from one of our leading politicians currently in office? And I am not even speaking of a clever statement. “We can do it!” is not a political statement. It is a hollow phrase, which is supposed to spin into existence a social consensus for a completely unsound, law-breaking decision which has been taken in complete isolation. It is a statement which is supposed to make us all collectively liable, together with our neighbouring countries in the EU. Frau Merkel: your demand for an EU allocation mechanism, ha ha; an EU-quota, — once again, ha ha. The neighbouring countries are completely correct. Nay nay, Frau Merkel, keep your rapists to yourself. It was you who invited this mob to Germany. … And for us that is as bitter as it is true.

Frau Merkel, you know where you can stick your “We can do it” slogans! Frau Merkel, you cannot even secure a train station forecourt. And you, Frau Merkel, it is you who is breaking the law on an ongoing basis. Even worse, you are constraining others to break the law and to commit criminal offences.

In following two sentences, Frau Festerling is alluding to an attack Frau Merkel made on the PEGIDA leadership in her New Year’s Address of 31 December 2014: “I say to all those who go to such demonstrations: do not follow those who have called the rallies because all too often they have prejudice, coldness, even hatred in their hearts” (RT):

And we must call upon our neighbouring nations: do not follow the German politicians! They have coldness in their hearts, and even hatred…

The speaker draws attention to the implications of Islamic migration for Germany as an organised criminal state:

Instead of relentlessly exhausting all the means available to the constitutional state, the elites here in the middle of Europe are creating out of Germany a country with authorized, controlled criminality. They are all criminals. And one European country after another will (and must) close their borders to Germany. They have to protect themselves from the terrorist breeding ground of Germany. And the dream of many European patriots of a Fortress Europe, that is, the protection of our external frontiers, recedes for us Germans far into the distance, because inside Europe people must defend themselves against Germany’s open borders.

In her closing remarks, Frau Festerling suggests that Merkel has become isolated. The last sentence is a play on one of the Chancellor’s well-known slogan that functions to shut down thought alternatives:

… And even our American friends are dropping Merkel. The American Bilder are looking in bewilderment at Germany and, Frau Merkel, at your Germany-snuff-policy; and you are becoming anxious, for also — also the Americans are putting up a fight against the Obama-inspired invasion of Muslims. This law-breaking (partially inaudible) has changed everything, in Germany and in Europe. And we already said it earlier: the fish stinks always from the head down. (inaudible)… Merkel’s formula, “We can do it!” has led completely ad absurdum. Merkel has failed completely. Merkel’s resignation is alternativlos!

For links to previous articles about PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer Gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) and related movements, see the PEGIDA Archives.

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